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Pure Body Extra Strength is formulated using whole Clinoptilolite sized in the nanometer range (for absorption) and encapsulated within water molecule clusters for optimal cell uptake. It was formulated to bypass the gut so it can provide a systemic, cellular detox.

Zeolite by definition is NOT water soluble and must have a delivery mechanism to be accepted in the water and ion channels that cover the surface of our cellular membranes. Touchstone Essentials does this through breakthrough sound wave technology that encapsulates the zeolite inside water molecule clusters so it is readily absorbed throughout the body and for cellular detox.

Most importantly, all of the scientific research and studies have been done using whole zeolite Clinoptilolite and not on “fragments.” Having a patent number does not prove something works, rather it covers the process used to derive the product. That’s it. And “fragments” of a zeolite have not been tested or studied to know whether they are effective for detoxification. 

All zeolites (there are many types) have a specific chemical formula. Breaking apart the zeolite using an acid (as the patents indicate) would mean that the chemical formula for Clinoptilolite has been altered and is no longer the same. It is not Clinoptilolite but something else, with a different (unidentified) chemical formula. 

Natural, whole Clinoptilolite has a cage-like structure that is fundamental to its detoxification ability. That’s what has been used throughout history, in agriculture, to remediate radiation, and in dietary supplements. The complete cage is needed for the charge-based ion exchange to take place. This is where a bad ion such as a heavy metal, is swapped out in the body for a good ion such as calcium. If there are no “cages” and only “fragments” then cationic exchange is unlikely to occur.

Studies on whole, natural Clinoptilolite have proven its ability to provide a whole-body detox. One study, for example, showed that the group taking a zeolite suspension had increased urinary excretion of a range of heavy metals. This proves that whole zeolite suspensions of Clinoptilolite do enter the bloodstream and provide detoxification benefits. You can read the study here: ( This study was done on a cleansed zeolite product, and was published in 2009, which is years before Zoi’s product was developed. There are hundreds of studies on whole Clinoptilolite and none on “fragments.”   

In addition to Pure Body Extra Strength being backed by studies on whole Clinoptilolite, there are hundreds of verified reviews that testify to the benefits people experience when taking this zeolite liquid. And countless more posted on social media and through other platforms that confirm Pure Body Extra Strength provides a whole-body detox.  

Additionally, Zoi Global does not appear to be the only company claiming to have “hydrolyzed” liquid zeolite. There is another company that markets Clinoptilolite “fragments” called Vitality Detox Drops ( which has been selling a remarkably similar product since 2017. Research indicates the product has been around in some form under various names since as early as 2015, with little success.

Unfortunately, we have learned that people and companies often make claims that are exaggerated, unsubstantiated, or simply false. Our commitment is to be transparent and ethical in everything we do. Thousands of five-star reviews affirm that Touchstone Essentials is trusted for its ingredient purity, potency and practices.

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