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About Me

But there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known. —Luke 12:2

On Earth, there is a great need for discipline, but ‘discipline’ does not mean dictatorship. The Great Spirit, the Creator himself obliges no creature, human or otherwise, to do anything against its will. We all have free will and it is up to us to discipline ourselves in order to improve spiritually. To impose one’s will on another, in a way which deprives the individual of the privilege of exercising his own free will, is one of the greatest crimes that man can commit.

—"Thiaoouba Prophecy", by Michel Desmarquet

Welcome to my little passion project. For those of you who are concerned I am multiple people... I am a mother. I am real human who cares about my future, my children's future, and the future of my fellow human brothers and sisters.


Personal experiences with vaccine injury were one of the main reasons I started digging into human rights, government corruption, and the blueprints that built the societies we have found ourselves in. I found myself coming back to these rabbit holes because I needed answers to multiple layers of concern I had--it was my mission to find the root causes to the issues my family and I were experiencing & once I did, I stumbled upon even more concerning information. This website was my way of documenting my research as I came across new information I found valuable enough to share with others.

I have had chronic illness for the majority of my life and didn’t find answers until about 4-5 years ago. Information regarding natural healing and self-sufficiency is crucial to human survival. If we do not find a starting point and begin researching for ourselves, we give our power to the hands of the ruling class to then make decisions for us. 


Freedom is taking full responsibility for our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Nobody can take this away from us unless we consciously give it away.

All of the information I have found regarding natural healing has saved my life and my daughters life. Everything I share here, pertains to natural healing, holistic medicine/research, self-sufficiency, and critical thinking.

I am a human rights & medical freedom activist and I will fight to the death for myself, my child, and for my family. My approach is rooted in the intention to peacefully come together and remember who we are and why we are here. I encourage you to find the passions that light you up inside and stand behind what lifts you higher.

Thank you for being here and showing support, sharing my posts, and spreading the information I hope eventually reaches everyone.

We are living in very strange times and our human rights & bodily autonomy is at risk. 

If it seems like I’m asking you to take a step back, look around, & wake up... I am.

Government overreach never ends well & I urge you all to learn to become your own leaders & health advocates instead of putting your faith and hope into others. The solution is not to not stand behind voting politicians out and other politicians in-- vote for yourselves. Take your own power back. Do not give it away.

I encourage you to use your voices and fight for your families while you still can. And to remember that change happens but only if we can come together and unite against the powers that be. What we do today will set the foundation for our children and their children.


Your thoughts, your voice, and your actions matter. 


A note of advice I wish I had along the way: Do your best to not get stuck in the whirlwind of depressing, doomsday predictions and mind maps of orchestrations that all lead to the same people, same places, and wings of the same bird. Focusing on how many ways the world is failing and dying off  will leave you sad and hopeless.

If we succumb to fear, it will continue to take from us. The Realm of Plausible Doomed Realities is not the place to dwell. It seems as though more and more people in the circles of  "Truth Seeking" are fueled and motivated by being the best person to come up with the most convincing Doomsday Predictions. It is one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed. People seem to create exactly what they fight to cancel.


I am not suggesting you turn a blind eye to your environment and the changing tides that come and go, I am suggesting you use your God-given discernment. Find what resonates and discard what does not align with your mission, your values, and your belief system. If the information is life-taking, you are wasting your precious moments and giving your energy to the entities that feed on your fear and self-doubt. Look for the signature of life-giving patterns, this will breed more Love and Peace in your Heart and in turn it affects those around you positively. As more people discover this Truth, the World becomes a better place for all of us. But it starts with us first!


The answers are always found within. Take a moment each day and self-reflect on how you can become the best version of yourself; you will find the answers you are searching for. 

I hope you enjoy this space as much as I enjoyed creating it, and may the resources I share in this space serve as a guide and starting point towards a more positive and life-giving future.

Love, light + happy researching, 


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